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Direct mail has a proven track record for driving sales revenue for businesses and donations to nonprofit organizations.

It is estimated that between 60% and 80% of households browse their advertising mail. We can help you with any kind of direct mail campaign, from a simple postcard to a fullcolor magazine or brochure.

Even if your business does not have a mailing permit, you can still send out mailings through us. If you want to send something to your existing customers, just send us your mailing list and we’ll take care of it. Or if you’re looking to increase your customer base by targeting new clients, we can provide targeted lists based on areas such as zip codes, mail carrier routes, or neighborhoods and demographics including characteristics such as gender, age, and income.

For the most cost efficient mailing, we use the Post Office’s EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailer) service which provides an extremely discounted rate to deliver nonpersonalized material to specific carrier routes.

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